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Battery Life Savers are in stock for 36 and 48 Volt Golf carts
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Installation is available for $19.99


Golf Cart Slowing Down?

Need New Batteries?







The Battery Life Saver


 electronic device restores batteries, keeps batteries from losing capacity due to the build-up of lead sulfate.

Using breakthrough radio technology, it sends a frequency signal to the lead sulfate crystals, causing them to dissolve into lead and sulfuric acid.
This renews the battery’s capacity to store and release electric charge optimally. 





Use the Battery Life Saver electronic device to:


· Rejuvenate old batteries. Attach the Battery Life Saver electronic device and eliminate the build-up of sulfates that cause batteries to fail.

· Maintain optimal condition. Keep your Battery Life Saver electronic device attached.

· Prevent the build-up of lead sulfates. Put the Battery Life Saver electronic device on your new battery system.


You will extend the life of your batteries, getting the most for your battery dollar!


  ( Click here to learn more about The Battery Life saver )  

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